A story she tells with glowing wit and humor 'Rhonda Badonda' shines in its expression of the beauty and strangeness of the mind. PLANK MAGAZINE
Rhonda Badonda – The Adventures of
a Girl with a Pain in her Brain

Rhonda S. Musak
Tue., Apr. 9 at 1PM & 7PM
Tickets: $15

Rhonda squeaks by in life with a pile of self-help books and coaches in every corner. Is she dumb? Why can’t she function normally in the world? When a mysterious pain dismantles her coping strategies, Rhonda embarks on a journey that leads her to the Paris Opera, Mozart, and the ultimate face-off... with her brain. This funny and moving piece takes audiences on a triumphant, autobiographical journey through the trials and tribulations of being different, and ultimately to self-discovery and healing. Dive into the shape-shifting landscape of the mind as Rhonda unscrambles a hidden medical mystery and encounters the truth of her baffling and bewildering world.

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