…like an artisan, …he’s the maker of a rich and complex cloth; he weaves moments in time from threads of imagination and makes them in to dances.JOHNNY NEVIN,
From Purple to Pärt
Sat., Mar. 9 at 8PM
Tickets: $25 & $35

Founded in 1994, RIOULT Dance NY fast became an established name in modern dance with a reputation for presenting the sensual, articulate, and exquisitely musical works of artistic director-choreographer Pascal Rioult. In this program, Pascal Rioult turns to the dynamic hits of Deep Purple as the inspiration for his work, Fire in the Sky, a blazing homage to his early dance club days. Also on the program, the restaging of Te Deum, a piece originally choreographed in 1995 when Rioult was transitioning from dancer to choreographer. Now he revisits the piece through a lens of a more mature artist.
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