What a wonderful work! The vocal mimicry works perfectly with puppets’ movements, and prop-making shows unparalleled imagination. It’s really wonderful!
Ms. Wang,
Audience Member
Mr. Ruraru’s Yard
The Puppet and Its Double Theater
presented with support from
Taipei Cultural Center in New York
Fri., Sept. 14 at 7PM & Sat., Sept. 15 at 3PM
FAMILY (Most appreciated by ages 3+) Tickets: $15
Grouchy old Mr. Ruraru is especially proud of his yard, which is always clean and tidy—a perfect yard, he believes. Mr. Ruraru works hard to maintain it, and chases away any animals that attempt to come in. One day he finds a log in his yard. But is it actually a log…or an alligator? Because of his discovery, an unlikely friendship ensues--with surprising results! Adapted from the award-winning picture book by Ito Hiroshi, Mr. Ruraru’s Yard is a highly inventive, non-verbal puppet theatre production that celebrates the joy of sharing and beauty of nature. This gentle, imaginative story explores the wonders love and friendship, touching the hearts of both adults and children in a delicate yet profound way.

presented with support from

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