If you ride the L or G trains, you need to hear Gabriel Royal— the handsome, cello-playing busker serenading surly straphangers during their daily commute. His voice is soft and sweet and proves the perfect antidote to screeching trains and squealing kids. HUFFINGTON POST
Gabriel Royal
Thu., Mar. 7 at 1PM & 7PM
Tickets: $15
Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter and cellist Gabriel Royal’s trademark sound, singing over a cello, is best described as “easy listening modern chamber pop.” Royal plays in the subway stations of New York City, where he continues to find a genuine connection with his inspiration: the commuters of New York. Influenced by Stevie Wonder’s groove and Burt Bacharach's jazz-pop sensitivities, along with contemporary artists such as John Legend, Royal’s style is all his own. He released his self-titled album in 2016, along with his single and music video for “Say It’s Right,” directed by Blake Farber, who has worked with BeyoncĂ© and other A-list artists.
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