As the children look from one musician to another, you can almost see the sparks behind their eyes as synapses fuse in wonder.
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Created by Hazel Darwin-Clements and Abigail Sinar
Thu., March 15, 2018 at 10:30AM & 2:30PM
Fri., March 16 at 10:30AM & 2:30PM
Sat., March 17 at 10AM & 2:30PM
Ages: 0 - 24 months  All tickets: $10

Discover two violins, one cello, one inquisitive raccoon and the story of a very important tree in this enchanting, multi-sensory classical music experience for babies and toddlers age 0 – 24 months and their grown ups. Hup is a relaxed, comfortable and intimate performance with the chance to stay and play afterwards.
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