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Iyaba Ibo Mandingo
Tue., Apr. 10 at 1 & 7PM

Meet Iyaba Ibo Mandingo, formerly known as Kenny Athel George DeCruise; painter, poet, actor, author, husband, father, brother, son who came to America at the age of eleven, as an undocumented immigrant from Antigua. Iyaba is plucked from the tropical comfort of his boyhood and taken to life in America where he must navigate his way to manhood without the guidance of a father. Using canvas, paint, poetry, prose and song, Iyaba tells us a story of his transformation from “Mommy Me No Wan Go Merrica”- a prophetic piece that hints at the many trials he will face in a new land-to his powerful political poetry that would lead to his arrest and attempted deportation in post 9/11 America. Throughout the play Iyaba shares his rage, determination, and hope while he paints his self-portrait and successfully struggles to redefine his humanity, rediscover his smile, and truly accept himself for the first time.
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