Riveting….While one might expect a story about motherhood and the challenges of autism to be overly sentimental and preachy, this production is rather an honest, heartfelt tale about family, love, and motherhood that anyone might relate to.
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Everything Is Fine Until It’s Not
Doreen Oliver
Tues., Mar. 13 at 1 & 7PM

Everything Is Fine Until It's Not is a humorous, musical and heartfelt one-woman show that explores the relationship between mothers and their children, and the ability to accept those you love, even if they’re not who you expected. Doreen is a workaholic film producer whose life goes off-script after her son is diagnosed with autism. As she tries everything the experts advise to help her young son become more “normal,” she seeks strength from her mother and aunts, a funny, irrepressible crew of old-school African-American matriarchs born and raised in Newark, NJ. Doreen abandons her career and focuses all of her attention on her son, who, despite her efforts, is not progressing the way she hoped. Under the loving yet scrutinizing eye of her mother, Doreen feels like she’s failing the one job that matters most. A candid look at how we try to change the people that matter most to us, and how we cope when we realize we can’t.
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