THAT PLAY: A Solo Macbeth
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Tom Gualtieri is a force (and the only force) to be reckoned with in THAT PLAY: A Solo Macbeth. He and co-writer/director Heather Hill have taken Shakespeare’s Macbeth and turned it on its classic ear, poking holes with witty asides, interactive exercises, and modern drollery.
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THAT PLAY: A Solo Macbeth
Performed by Tom Gualtieri
Tuesday, November 24 at 12 & 7PM
Tickets: $10 (12PM) & $25 (7PM) General Admission
What could be more fun than murder, mayhem, suicide and revenge? In a wild and frightening 90 minute adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, one man attempts an answer with 19 characters including Macbeth and his infamous Lady, the 3 weird sisters, no fewer than 4 terrifying apparitions and a slew of Scottish Lords and Ladies.
Suggested reading: Macbeth by William Shakespeare
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