Hard Travelin' with Woody
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No one quite captures Woody’s indomitable life-affirming spirit quite so believably as [...] Randy Noojin [...] And I include Woody’s own son Arlo in that assessment.
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Hard Travelin' with Woody
Written and performed by Randy Noojin
Tuesday, October 27 at 12 & 7PM
Tickets: $10 (12PM) & $25 (7PM) General Admission
Hop a box car through the Dust Bowl with Woody Guthrie and commune with the spirit, stories and songs of America's iconic folksinger, saint-of-the-workingman and poet-of-the-people in this critically acclaimed multimedia one-man play with Woody's music and artworks. In 1946, Woody hops "two transfer trucks and a boxcar," from Coney Island to Oklahoma to play for a union meeting of striking mineworkers who are on the verge of breaking due to vigilante violence.
Suggested reading: The Worst Hard Time by Timothy Egan
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