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Capitol Steps
Saturday, October 20 at 8PM
Tickets: $32 & $42

The Capitol Steps began as a group of Senate staffers who set out to satirize the very people and places that employed them. In the years that followed, many of the Steps ignored the conventional wisdom ("Don't quit your day job!"), and although not all of the current members of the Steps are former Capitol Hill staffers, taken together the performers have worked in a total of eighteen Congressional offices and represent 62 years of collective House and Senate staff experience. 


“We didn’t start satire; it was always burning since the world was turning….” The Capitol Steps plan to bring down the house … and Senate with their unique blend of music and political comedy. They have performed for 5 US Presidents, traveled to all 50 states (to perform, not sight-see), and if their wish came true tomorrow, Donald Trump would be elected President. This performance can proudly claim to be the only place in America where you will find the two candidates running for President onstage singing show tunes. Founded by Congressional staffers, the group is currently celebrating its 30th year of existence while having recorded 32 albums. Their most recent release is appropriately titled, Take the Money and Run for President. You may have heard The Capitol Steps on public radio or seen them on any of the major and/or non-major television networks. If this performance influences your decision for whom to vote for President … yikes, we’re in worse shape than we thought. Not for the faint of heart nor for those considering a run for office. The Capitol Steps -- They put the “MOCK” in Democracy!

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